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Jan 4, 2013 6:00am EST
is a massive public education campaign for parents and educators. for people about how to use these tools responsibly. >> we are still adapting as a society and learning what it means to be exposed due to the way we track our lives and share information online. and i do agree with that. that's part of the problem here, getting everyone educated. >> right now employers are saying, all right, if you want a job come you have to tell us your password so we can go on your private website. >> the bottom line is there are laws governing employment in the united states. there are certain things an employer can ask and certain things they cannot pass. an employer cannot ask marital status. an employer cannot use that information against you in a hiring decision. >> but how do you prove that? >> we need additional loss? i don't know. there are laws on the books right now. once we had it last summer opened my eyes to a lot of information that employers can gather on people. there is a startup company who is running their business like the way a credit reporting agency runs their business. so what th
Jan 5, 2013 2:00am EST
and he only been working at goodyear just a little over one year. he had less education unless experience. and he already made $600 more a month than i did from a lower paying job. the judge calculated my two years backpay, and i was given 30,000 per year. so i left the courtroom with $360,000. the headlines said from california to chicago to new york and florida, all across this nation -- the headlines read jacksonville, alabama, woman awarded $3.8 million from goodyear tire and rubber. they say that i got that money. the gadsden headline said that as well. i got a lot of compliments of the headlines in the news. well, that was 2003. he went to the 11th circuit record and then my guilt was hurt in the supreme court in november of 2006. life goes on. we had our normal family life the best we could do. but i worked the case just like it was a job. i called over 100 people to find the people that we needed to testify on my behalf. people were afraid of losing their jobs. they were so afraid. that is why they switched over. most of this was color coded. but life went on and my husband had tw
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am EST
to trading the poll workers and educating the voters, that was, you know, definitely a good step in the right direction. and then there are probably things that could be improved for voter education. one was, megan kind of touched on the preference of voters, but i think in some insist voters don't realize that either machine, both, will record your ballot. it's not one is, you know, they sit there because they are confused. not because one is for show. and then also the other thing with voters is sometimes issues, you know, reported but they're not actually things that -- anything can be done about it. touchscreens coming in, sometimes people would say oh, the machine is broken. it's not actually broken, but you do need to press down on the screen. so that gets reported as a machine problem when in reality it's a user error. >> thank you. >> what i would suggest is, especially during the early voting, opposed to having just touch screen machines in the voting, also paper ballots. a lot of senior citizens and disabled, that are familiar with the touch screen. they come into the precinct, they
Jan 9, 2013 7:30am EST
sharply. in education too throughout the 90s several states were spending much more of their state budgets on corrections and prison building than they were on higher education. california and texas are two states doing just that. why do we have so many prisoners? one could say there was in the late 7s a rise in violent crime and a series of laws that initially had been passed in response to that but what doesn't make sense if you look at the chart you will see incarceration rates were rising at such a high amount even as violent crime, actually diminishing. when i talk about an addiction to incarceration and talk about it in the context not just of traditional crime and criminal justice but also in the area of education. for those of you in public schools, you know that public schools around country have become increasingly criminalize. the simple principle of this venereal or behavior problems now can result in an arrest and entry to the juvenile justice system. immigration for lack of federal immigration solution, we have increasingly relied on enforcement and the tension and a lot of t
Jan 8, 2013 6:00am EST
as a civil rights activist, a lawyer and alabama state senator. educated in the public schools of jefferson county, he decided to become a civil rights leader at the age of 13. his commitment deepened while attending college where he boycotted birmingham's downtown stores in 1962, and fought to end segregation of the public library. he graduated from columbia law school in 1968 and worked as a young lawyer at adams, baker and clemon. in 1974 he became one of the first blacks elected to the alabama state senate since the reconstruction. in his two terms, he chaired the rules committee and the judiciary committee where he challenged capital punishment and vigorously opposedded governor george wallace on racial policies. in 1980, president jimmy carter appointed judge clemon as alabama's first black federal judge. he served as chief judge from 1999 to 2006. under his administration the court adopted a or more representative jury plan and increased minority presence in the work force of the court. service he was also the trial judge in the ledbetter v. goodyear case. in 2009 he retired from the
Jan 11, 2013 6:00am EST
. ncrc works for maryland consumers for research, education and advocacy. am also proud homeowner in baltimore city. thank you today. i appreciate all the work the bureau has done on these rules. homeownership as a now is a viable avenue for wealth building, especially for low and moderate income families. we know that these families use home-equity to increase the assets and to borrow against home equity, we know this is particularly true in communities of color. so we know that the work you're doing is incredibly important for all of our families come a special low and moderate income families. it's imperative that the mortgage lending rules adequately balance the needs of financial institutions and consumers. and it's important it opens up and provides more access to credit as well as clear and transparent standards for borrowers and lenders. however, our concern right now is that as written, the rules are too much to protect banks at the expense of working families. our concerns are that the safe harbor in the qualified mortgage rose provides too much of the legal field for co
Jan 4, 2013 2:00am EST
people become hav educated since everybody is a state employee, basically it doesn't matter what you do. but i came that i'm the first time i met a gal was in the metal of some kind of tornado and he was talking about how many liters -- how many theaters per square meter per province. and i said after, dante, i came here to talk about aids. i express my solidarity with people affected by the floods and cuba. and then he started talking about how many cases in jamaica, how many they are, how many they are. anyway, sometimes seeming to figures better than i do despite the fact is that a professor of epidemiology, i have a hard time remembering these figures. since then he said okay, let's have a drink in my office. so we went in the office and asked for water because i said said i just arrived from europe jetlagged and i need to make sure i do my best here. he said no, you don't drink water. no detail, okay. we are in cuba. to make a long story short, we then ended up, as he does sometimes, you can't than half of the government and the vice president and we had dinner and talk a lot about
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7